Bad Hand was a member of the South Beach gang of Driv3r. He is dubbed Bad Hand because of a bandage around his left hand.


Bad Hand is introduced in the torture scene of one of South Beach's enemies, whom he executes. He remains quiet throughout the missions of Miami.

In Nice Bad Hand talks with Lomaz about a man named Carnot who lost two fingers when dealing with the French mobster The Bagman. Tanner, listening to the conversation, is uneasy, as the man who pretended to be Carnot but did indeed lose fingers is Henri Vauban, a French Interpol agent helping him in Nice. He later drives an 18-wheeler truck while Tanner collects three cars and drives them into the open carriage - while Bad Hand is driving it at high speed to the South Beach hideout.

In Istanbul Bad Hand is the one member of the South Beach gang who is not captured by the authorities. However, Jericho cleverly fools detectives Tanner and Jones by dressing Bad Hand up in his spare clothes and making him drive a bomb truck through Istanbul. The bomb truck is shot up by Jones. Bad Hand is found dead, and Tanner and Jones realise that Jericho must have gone elsewhere.