Cerrano is a fiction muscle car that appears in Driver: Parallel Lines and Driver: Renegade. It based on 1969-1970 Shelby GT500 model. It might be had 428 SCJ rather than 428 CJ judging by the performance.

1969-1970 Shelby GT500


It has fast acceleration and has 95 mph top speed. After tune up, it can reach 120 mph without NOS and 140 mph + with NOS. The handling is a little slippery when turn but it has good stability at high speed.


It's available since beginning of the game in Driver: Parallel Lines. It shown up more often in 1978 era than in 2006 era. It's TK personal car in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Special VersionEdit

There's two special version of this car. Cerrano Punk and Cerrano Racer. Both had same performance statistic.
293 (1)

Cerrano Punk


Cerrano Racer