With the Driver series being so popular, there are many websites created by fans of the game which include news, forums, discussion, downloads, etc. Together these sites form the Driver community.

The main sites are listed below.

Driver Madness (

  • This is probably the most visited of the English language Driver fansites. It's main feature is it's forum and a recently added news section. The site formerly had the biggest database of Driver downloads available.

Ultimate Driver (

  • This is one of the newest Driver fansites despite being online for just over two years. It's main feature is the news section which has published many exclusive Driver related stories. The site also boasts the biggest download database of any Driver website.

Planet Driver (

  • This is the biggest German Driver fansite which has a forum as well as news updates.

Driver Dimension (

  • This is the most popular French Driver fansite with frequent news updates and an active forum.