Tobias Jones is a member of the San Francisco police. He is black. He is also Tanner's partner. Tobias Jones is also known as "Jones". Jones goes virtually everywhere with Tanner, even to the bathroom. Tobias Jones is also a good friend of Tanner's.

Tobias Jones


Miami, Florida, USA





Driver 2: You Are The WheelmanEdit

Jones is introduced to the Driver series in Driver 2. He aids Tanner in all four locations of the game. In several missions he helps the player by voicing his comments on the player's performance, for example stating the player is too close or too far from a car they are tailing. He is depicted as a young detective with green-tinted glasses.


Jones returns in Driv3r. He now works for the MPD (Miami Police Department). He takes Tanner to the house of Bacchus, under siege by the police. Bacchus, driver and the only lead the police have to a crime ring, 'South Beach', escapes but is killed by Tanner, forcing Tanner to infiltrate the South Beach gang. The gang plans to purchase 40 stolen cars, and they need a driver, so Tanner is accepted.

Jones does not travel to the next location, Nice, and his 'slot' as assistant to the player is 'filled' by two French Interpol agents, Henri Vauban and Didier Dubois. Although they cooperate with Tanner, the Interpol agents want to do the job their way, which is made to look too risky to the player. Dubois is captured, prompting a rescue mission. Shortly after a successful rescue Dubois is killed again, after he and Tanner are ambushed by South Beach and Tanner's old nemesis, Jericho. Dubois is killed with Tanner's gun to dupe the Interpol agents should they find Dubois' corpse.

Jones travels to Istanbul, the third and final destination of Driv3r. He assists Tanner in cornering Calita, the leader of the South Beach gang, and French mobster The Bagman. The Bagman escapes and is almost caught again by Jones. In this instance it is the first and seemingly the last mission that allows the player to play as Jones. Tanner and Jones use information obtained from Calita to spy on the meeting of Jericho and The Bagman, who is killed after only half the money Jericho requires is delivered. Jones participates in the final battle in the Istanbul streets, as seen by the player in the in media res opening cutscene of the game.

Throughout Driv3r Jones narrates almost all of the cutscenes, giving his personal opinion to many scenes.

Jones returns in Driver San Francisco with Tanner but he looks suprisingly younger. It is also possible he has a wife as in the mission where you must get to the precient when he says "You sound like my wife."